Support Branch


Provide all material and support which are needed for the daily routine and tasks planned in the Program of Work approved by the Steering Committee.


Support Branch Chief

support structure

Branch Chief: LTC Tamás Vad, MSC (HUN)


Formulate procurement strategies and design innovative solutions. Implement legal and normative regulations and develop plans to accomplish business operations and objectives. Arrange and assign work to use resources efficiently and effectively. Develop procurement plans, assign organizational resources, and optimize processes to fulfil goals within relevant constraints and in compliance with regulations. Implement and monitor procurement plans from initiation to conclusion. Research and analyze data, identifying market trends and buying habits, in order to maximize efficiencies. Ensure the availability and maintenance of the organizational transport assets to provide all necessary means to manage and administer transportation services. Ensure the proper receipt, storage and issue of all types of materiel including classified, cryptographic and technically sensitive items. The P&C cell, also called meeting planners, does everything involved with making sure these events go smoothly, including choosing locations, hiring caterers, entertainment and other vendors, and arranging lodging and transportation for attendees. Maintain the CIS configuration, evaluating new applications, hardware and software products and making recommendation concerning their usage, installing new hardware and software elements in accordance with the security regulation.  



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