Medical training and education

Within NATO MILMED COE the Training Branch is one of the four medical branches and responsible for Education, Training, Exercises and Validation.The Branch plans, organizes and conducts courses, trainings; furthermore it is able to support the NATO MILMED COE Sponsoring Nations by contributing to plans of medical related exercises. Beside the aforementioned, the branch is able to support NATO and Nations with Mobile Training Teams, Military-Medical Subject Matter Experts.

In accordance with its mission and Programme of Work the Training Branch offers several valuable military medical courses and trainings for NATO/PFP/Other Nations. Current offers, dates and terms of reference are available at our pages or more information can be requested from the Training Branch Chief,


Our courses are open mainly for those medical personnel assigned to NATO/EU/UN deployment or positions closely connected to multinational cooperation in the field of military medicine. Besides that all courses/trainings are available for those who are national positions but want to broaden their horizons on NATO Military Medicine.

MILMED COE courses are accredited by NATO HQ SACT as “NATO APPROVED” and listed in the Education and Training Opportunities Catalogue. The mentioned courses are also registered and awarded by credit points in the Hungarian Continuous Educational System for medical personnel by the Semmelweis University Budapest, by the University of Pécs and the National Institute for Quality- and Organizational Development in Healthcare and Medicines. The CME credit points are the following:





NATO Medical Evaluation (MEDEVAL) Course



NATO Emergency Medical Multinational Team (EMMT) Training



Emergency Management of Battlefield Injuries (EMBI) Course



NATO Patient Evacuation Coordination Cell (PECC) Course



Major Incident Medical Management and Support (MIMMS) Course





What is ePrime?

The ePrime (Partnership Real-Time Information Management and Exchange System) is the official event management and education platform for NATO partnerships. It is a cooperative project between Switzerland and NATO.

The courses are available via the NATO ePRIME system; students from NATO partner nations can get reimbursed up to 100%.


The ePrime Partnerships Cooperation Menu (PCM) covers the following cooperation programmes and countries:

• The Parnership for Peace (PfP)

• The Mediterranean Dialogue (MD)

• The Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI)

• Military Training and Exercise Programme (MTEP)

• Afghanistan, Australia, Iraq, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mongolia, New-Zealand and Pakistan.


ePRIME number of the MILMED COE Courses:

  • Emergency Management of Battlefield Injuries (EMBI) Course – COE-MED-M4-001 – ePrime: ACT.406

  • Major Incident Medical Management and Support (MIMMS) Course – COE-MED-M4-002 – ePrime: ACT.407

  • NATO Medical Evaluation (MEDEVAL) Course – COE-MED-M4-003 – ePrime: ACT.40

  • NATO Emergency Medical Multinational Team (EMMT) Training – COE-MED-M4-006 – ePrime: ACT.411

  • NATO Patient Evacuation Coordination Cell (PECC) Course – COE-MED-M4-008 – ePrime: ACT.412


The NATO MILMED COE is constantly accrediting the new courses by the above mentioned authorities and they will be listed in the respective catalogues. For more information concerning ePRIME please contact



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