First Responder Trainer Training (FRTT)

Who is a First Responder? A First Responder can be a doctor, nurse, medic, or frontline soldier. Bottom line, first medical response occurs as close as possible – in time and space – to the patient.

Every nation has their own national education and training program as well as legal regulations that influence what level of interventions can be performed. Therefore, first medical response is like a tree rooted in the foundation of each nation’s education and training program, yet containing multiple branches resembling the differences in level of care for first responders. Even though these branches are well identified, specific education and training programs need to be developed and tailored to meet the different requirements of each type of first responder, where trainers at each level are necessary.


The FRTT at the current stage was developed and tailored for serving national needs in military medical training, equipping the military medical trainer candidates with the tools necessary to teach, and build upon to create a sustainable and effective program. FRTT does not facilitates the establishment only of a First Responder Training program, but also to gives support for shaping military medical trainings to meet national requirements

The training takes 5 days

Target Audience: Officers, NCOs who are already trained in TCCC

Major topics:

  • “Developing SOP’s”

  • “Training Objectives”

  • “Communication & Effective Speaking”

  • “Evaluation Tool Development”

  • “Building Scenarios”

  • “Developing & Validating Test Questions”

  • “Feedback/Debrief & Lessons Learned”

  • “Developing lesson plans”

  • “Developing scenarios”

  • “Grand Scenario Planning”

    For more information please contact NATO MILMED COE Training Branch Chief at





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