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Dear Colleagues and Partners,

NATO MILMED COE is dedicated to enhance Interoperability amongst NATO Nations and Partners. Mutual sharing of information, knowledge and experience is essential for improving of Interoperability within NATO Medical Arena. In this regard I am pleased to introduce you with one of our new projects. “MILMED COE: The Medical Messenger” will provide an opportunity to share military medical journals´, magazines´, and publications´ expertise on the MILMED COE website.

In that environment you will find all relevant information from military medical journals and publications with a special focus on

-                      Clinical Case publication from operations

-                      Discussion of the differences between the delivery of medical care during peacetime, disaster relief and military missions

-                      The impact of medical issues on Operations

-                      Medical dilemmas during operations

-                      Special medical training

-                      Planning for medical missions and the outcomes of those efforts

-                      Civil-military medical cooperation within operations

Above that, the forum will offer you unique possibility to express and discuss your distinguished nations’ SMEs´ ideas and opinions.

Establishing of this new online environment MILMED COE will promote an impact of the main sources of information in NATO military medical community.

I am looking forward to your contributions and I am confident that this new project will continue to improve the delivery of medical support even above the exceptional level currently attained.



COL Dr László Fazekas

Director of MILMED COE


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Editorial Board


COL László Fazekas MD (HUN)

COL Salvatore Schmidt MD (DEU)

CAPT (N) Kimberly A. Ferland (USA)

CAPT (N) Jack Taylor MD (USA)

Col Péter Vekszler MD (HUN)

LTC Daniel Aron MD (ROU)

LTC Zoltán Tóth MD (HUN)

LTC Tamás Bognár MD (HUN)

MAJ Olga Poprádi-Fazekas (HUN)

LT Attila Magyar (HUN)


Point of Contact


MAJ Olga Poprádi-Fazekas (HUN)

MILMED COE Interoperabolity Banch


Mobile: +36 30 181 5928


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