2nd Annual Discipline Conference in Paris, 15-18 November 2016

NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine (NATO MILMED COE) as the Department Head (DH) for the Medical Support discpline, together with the Chair of the COMEDS Military Medical Training Working Group (MMTWG) are pleased to invite you to the second Annual Discipline Conference (ADC) in conjunction with the MMTWG meeting, which will be held at École du Val-de-Grâce in Paris, France.


Registration and Administartive Information available by clicking on

The aim of the ADC will be to review and update requirements; validate or adjust the education and training (E&T) solutions to ensure E&T remains aligned with evolving needs, available technology and resources; and  provide nations with an opportunity to advertise courses open to NATO nations and Partners , as well as a forum to address Medical Support related topics, as they relate to NATO training requirements.

The aim of the MMTWG is to provide military medical specialist advice on Education, Training, Exercises and Evaluation (ETEE) to COMEDS. In order to do so, the MMTWG monitors Military Medical ETEE in NATO, Identifies recommendations for harmonization of military medical instruction and training relative to objectives, methods and aids, identifies relevant areas within Military Medical ETEE where cooperation is appropriate and beneficial to the NATO and Partner Nations, supports the medical standardization process by identifying, developing and referring initiatives for increased

If you would like to provide a formal presentation about your national or institutional training opportunities, please contact CAPT Kimberly Ferland dir.department@coemed.org or LTC Oscar Meijboom train.eval@coemed.org no later than 5 NOV 2016, so that we can add you to the schedule.


Please continue to list your national courses/trainings into the NATO Education and Training Online Catalogue (ETOC). Listing your courses here accomplishes multiple goals: 1) It advertises your courses to a much wider audience with information regarding registration and local POC; 2) centralizes medical support training for future Training Requirements Analysis (TRA) and the Annual Discipline Conference (ADC); 3) having a course listed in this catalog improves the process and speed for courses seeking NATO certification; and 4) courses are then available to become part of the Electronic Individual Training and Education Programme (e-ITEP) which may be used to identify required or recommended training for NATO assignments or career milestones, etc. If you have a course that is open to NATO and/or Partner nations, contact the ETOC-manager, who will provide a username and password, at the following link: electronic Individual Training and Education Programme


Administrative information:


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Preliminary Agenda


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Dress Code: Smart Business Casual

Conference fee: A combined conference fee of 120 Euro cash will be charged in order to provide conference services to the attendees.

Coordination/Points of Contact (POC): MILMED COE – CAPT (OF5) Kimberly FERLAND, kimberly.ferland@coemed.org; phone +36-30-777-5054 or LTC Oscar Meijboom train.eval@coemed.org



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