MILMED COE visit to Belgrade

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The NATO Military Liaison Office (MLO) in Serbia welcomed the Director of Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine (MILMED COE) in a visit to Belgrade on 01-02 March 2017. After talks with the Chief MLO, Brigadier General Cesare Marinelli (ITA), Colonel Fazekas briefed the Surgeon General and Representatives of the Medical Service and the International Military Cooperation Department of the Serbian Ministry of Defence about the COE's activities and projects in order to foster closer cooperation between the organizations.

Serbia is committed to enhancing regional and global security through active participation and support of NATO’s Partnership for Peace Programme and also continues to transform its defence system into a modern, professional and internationally interoperable system. According to the declaration of the NATO Warsaw Summit: "It is important to build the defence and security capacity and foster the resilience of the partners in the East and South in a complementary way through specific projects in a variety of areas for individual recipient countries". Therefore, MILMED COE initiates and countinues to support NATO partner nations especially located in the eastern and southern flanks of NATO, like the Republic of Serbia.




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