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The Medical Messenger / Videos

The Medical Messenger / Videos

The Medical Messenger / Videos

This page is for displaying a series of thematic videos of Medical Messenger. Different videos and podcasts can be viewed below from our Branches on various interesting topics.

In this section we would like to introduce the Traum’cast video series, which is a French product (French Military Medical Service) and based on French protocols not NATO standardized procedures and may not apply to all Nations beyond national guidance and policy.

Quoting the words of COL Dr. Mathieu Boutonnet, you can find here a brief summary of how the videos were created.

Traum’cast is a series of animated infographics dealing with the care of the wounded by weapon of war. Traum’cast was born from the conjunction of two observations. The first is that there is a need to convey the tremendous advances that military medicine has made over the past 20 years. This need to teach the knowledge which makes it possible to reduce preventable mortality after a war injury exists both in the military environment but also in the civilian environment. This is what the terrorist attacks of January and November 2015 in France cruelly reminded us of. The second observation is that of our total immersion in a digital age. Digital tools, computers, tablets, telephones, allow us to access educational content anywhere and anytime, freely accessible and which we can share or consult at selected times. The idea for this educational podcast was therefore born, but the product would not have succeeded without the efforts of the experts that we solicited, all from the Percy hospital, the forces and the Val-de-Grâce School. The objectives of Traum’cast are to communicate to the greatest number of civilian and military caregivers the knowledge of military medicine that reduces the rate of preventable deaths following a weapon of war wounds. Among the objectives, there is also the transmission of specific knowledge in areas of expertise of the SSA. For example the case of damage control surgery, combat rescue, forward resuscitation, transfusion, reconstructive surgery, psychiatry, burn or rehabilitation until reintegration. To meet these objectives, we have called on the expertise of SSA teachers and the skills of the armed forces communication and audiovisual production establishment to obtain a product that is distributed in open access.

The following section is also available from the COVID-19 page. These podcasts, made by Force Health Protection Branch, are about our regular COVID-19 VTCs.

This short introductory video from Interoperability Branch covers the topic "Improving healthcare support to allied military operations". Maj Dr. Jacopo Frassini, MD from NATO MILMED COE talks about how we can improve the overall quality of Allied medical support systems.


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Military Psychosocial Incident Management
02-06 June 2025
Budapest (HUN)
Emergency Management of Battlefield Injuries


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