Online Resources

Online Resources

The NATO MILMED COE has a continuously growing information hub, our Extranet Portal, which provides access to a wide range of materials on the field of military medicine. Below you may find a quick overview of our different sub-sites and you may ask for access / go to the portal directly.



Medical Knowledge Management Portal
The main objective of the NATO Medical Knowledge Management Portal is to enhance sharing and continuous performance improvement and innovation within NATO Medical Services.

Target Audience: Medical community of NATO nations, international medical and health organizations.

Medical Concept Development and Experimentation Portal
The aim of this portal is to improve collaboration and mutual awareness within CD&E community dealing with medical support experiments.

Target Audience: This portal is dedicated to SMEs who are dealing with concept development and experimentation related to the military medicine, especially to those SMEs who have performed / will perform medical support experiments in exercises and/or stand-alone events.

COMEDS HIST Working Group Portal
The COMEDS HIST-WG vision is to be a leader in Health IT, Telemedicine, Supporting Operations, Innovation, and Health Information Exchange to COMEDS, bettering Military Health across NATO Nations. The aim of the portal is to provide a platform for the WG members for collaboration and sharing.

Target Audience: The portal is open for HIST WG and MedIER Panel Members.


 In case of technical issues, send an email to the portal admin!


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